Music Video of Summoners War World Arena Champioinship 2019


For the sense of speed and realism, we put effort into camera work that emphasized dynamic movement. ​​​​​​​


Fog was used for the effect of distance and light ray effects.
거리감과 빛이 스며드는 효과를 위해 안개를 이용했다.


Slightly polished, but natural looking stone modelings, made for various uses.
영상 전반에 보여지는 돌모델링. 자연스럽지만 다듬어진 돌의 형태를 표현했다.


 - Client: Com2uS - Production: 슬기로운 영상소
 - Executive Producer : Wonki Joe
 - Creative Director: Youngmin Kim
 - Planning & Storyboard: Jay Joo
 - Styleframe: Jay Joo
 - Motion design: Jay Joo, Gyuhwan Yoo, Youngmin Kim

Thanks for watching :D
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